Victorian foundry in Walsingham Norfolk

Norfolk Victorian Foundry

Contextual Corten Features

We have designed a contextual garden for an old Victorian foundry in Great Walsingham, North Norfolk. The foundry was originally founded in 1809 and made iron castings for the local farming industry. War casualties ended the male line and so in 1918 it was sold to the Wright family and they continued to trade until 1932 when the depression caused its closure. In 1938 it was purchased by the Barnhams who made agricultural implements, pumps, firebowls, backplates, stokers, grates and ornamental fire baskets…………and so we have paid homage to the old foundry and its history implementing lots of wonderful weathering Corten steel elements (‘It’s all a bit rusty’ to quote a neighbour), including the path, gate and raised feature planters. A woven oak fence forms the boundary. Our planting palette includes large leafy hostas, ferns, grasses, hydrangeas and a mix of purple and yellow flowers with a sprinkling of orange perennials. This courtyard garden is a wonderful addition to this superb holiday cottage in a sleepy village a stones throw from the amazing beaches along the North Norfolk Coast.

Client: Great Walsingham, Norfolk
Date: 2019
Services: Garden Design, Project Management, Planting Design, Planting, Aftercare